Catherine Anne Blore

'January 8, 1952 'in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Catherine (a.k.a. Cathianne) Blore  

was KIMBER, AJA ASHLEY and others in Jem

Selected Filmography

"Knots Landing" Assistant - Double Jeopardy
"The Young and the Restless" - featured
"The New Adventures of Mother Goose" - featured
"The Legend of Prince Valiant" (animated) Glandria

Fatal Beauty - "Charlene" [Director Tom Holland, with Whoopi Goldberg and Sam Elliott]
An American Tail - "Bridget the Mouse" (animated, voice of)
Hardcore - "Hooker" and "Daughter's Voice" [Producer/Director Paul Schrader with George C. Scott]

Jem: Truly Outrageous! (TV Movie) Kimber Benton / Aja Leith / Ashley (voice)

"Christmas Carol" - 5 characters [National Tour 1994, with Shirley Jones, Brian Keith, and Kevin McCarthy]
"Rainmaker" - "Lizzie" [Barn Dinner Theatre, Cedar Crest, NM]

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