Even Jennifer Hale's A Phineas and Ferb Legend For Co Creating the Perry the Platypus Song By Singing Perry and doing Dozen Voices on There some of the other Giants Want be on here because there not as Skilled and Creative as these are Alyson Stoner Isabella Garcia-Shapiro/Jenny Brown/others She Even Invented Isabella's catch phrase "Whatcha doin Ashley Tisdale aKA Dan Povenmire Candace Flynn/Constance/Princess Baldegunde/Mindy ("Jerk De Soleil")/Can-tok/Dr. Doofenshmirtz/Santa Claus (I, Brobot)/Klimpaloon/singing voice of Ferb (Phineas and Ferb Save Summer only)/parsnip-affected voice of Candace, others Legendary For Jem as Jem/others as Samanth Newark Bella Thorne She provided the voice of punk girl Birgitte in the episode "Night of the Living Pharmacists/also was in the Disney Channel video for "The Platypus Walk Bobbie Block Jem Legend Roxy and Others Was Bobby Gaylor Buford Von Stormm/Stanky Dog/Belchman/others Was Also a Writer Bowling for Soup Signs all the Version of the Song and so many other Phineas and Ferb Songs Jeff Swampy Director/Writer/Producer/the Co Creator With Ashley Tisdale aka Dan Povenmire Voice Of Major Monogram/Badinka-Dink/Others Jennifer Hale Queen Of Hollywood/Cartoon Songs/Aliases Female Perry Singer to the Perry the Platypus Theme Song/Carla/Female Customer/others Kevin Michael Richardson Dee Bradley Baker Perry the Platypus in Almost Every Language Out There/Pinky the Chihuahua/Agent D/Dr. Diminutive/Big Fat Ox/Mr. Tomato/Giant Floating Baby Head/Ducky Momo/OWCA Agents/Chewbacca/Doofenshmirtz's Father/President Barack Obama/ P.P. Otter/others Olivia Olson voices Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. She also sings many of the songs in this Disney series. She also provides the guide track vocals for Candace's songs.Crash/Linda's Singing Voices Thomas Sangster Ferb Fletcher/Gerb/others He Can Even Rap Good Like He Did in the Star Wars Movie Of the Program and Change He's Voice For anyway Ferb Talks Except for Budfor Dressing up as as Him with British Voices that Was Bobbie Block

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