Celia Wayne
Flash 1990 1x04 005
Celia Wayne
Continuity: The Flash
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: Central City
Status: Alive
Born: 1961 [1]
First: "Honor Among Thieves"
Actor: Elizabeth Gracen

Celia Wayne is a fictional criminal and a minor character featured in the original The Flash television series from 1990. She was played by actress Elizabeth Gracen and appeared in episode 1x04, "Honor Among Thieves".

Biography Edit

Celia Wayne worked as an understudy to archaeology professor and museum curator Ted Preminger. She was also had a chance encounter with Barry Allen when Allen worked with Preminger when he was nineteen-years-old. Although Allen and Preminger had long since parted ways, Celia continued to work for him.

Despite her commitment to the craft, greed eventually overtook her and Celia turned to a life of crime. She became involved with a ring of thieves led by Stan Kovacs, and eventually, his lover. Kovacs and his crew set their sights on stealing the highly valuable Death Mask of Rasputin from the Central City Museum. Their plan operated as a double blind, leading the Central City Police Department to initially believe that their target was the mask, when in reality, they wanted the police to concentrate all of their efforts on the museum, leaving the rest of the city defenseless for a crime spree. Kovacs however, always intended on taking the mask for himself. Celia Wayne helped him by shutting down all of the security sensors in the museum. When police inspector Mitch Lestrange grew paranoid, he arranged to have the mask transferred to a remote location. Kovacs disguised himself as a security driver and Celia escorted him into the museum to take the mask. By this point however, Lestrange was onto them. Kovacs was shot and Celia Wayne was arrested. [2]

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  • Celia Wayne is unique to the continuity of The Flash television series and does not have a DC Comics counterpart.

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  2. Flash: Honor Among Thieves