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Central City Museum
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Missouri
City: Central City
Notable apperances: The Flash (1990)
1st appearance: "Honor Among Thieves"

The Central City Museum is a fictional museum featured in the 1990-1991 live-action TV series The Flash. It appeared in episode 1x04, "Honor Among Thieves".

Description Edit

The Central City Museum was like any other major metropolitan museum. It specialized in priceless works of art, sculptures and rare collections. The curator of the museum was a man named Ted Preminger.

Central City Police Department forensics scientist Barry Allen once mentored under Preminger and even had dreams in college of one day becoming an archaeologist. One of Preminger's star students, Celia Wayne (an old flame of Barry's), continued to work with Preminger and assisted him in securing prize pieces for the museum.

In late 1990, the museum received a special show piece - the Death Mask of Rasputin, which was valued at over $15 million dollars. Naturally, a piece of such rarity and expense was an easy target for criminals. Central City PD special investigator Mitch Lestrange put a special emphasis on protecting the mask while it was at the museum. Barry Allen, now the costumed super-speedster known as the Flash, requested a special detail assignment at the museum so he could reunite with Preminger and Wayne. [1]

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