The Central City Police Department is a fictional law-enforcement agency featured in media relating to The Flash. It played a key role in the 1990-1991 The Flash live-action television series. The main character, Barry Allen worked for the CCPD as a criminal forensics analyst. His colleague was a man named Julio Mendez.

While working late one night in his laboratory at the Central City Police Station, a freak bolt of lightning came through the window, striking a display stand containing bottles of chemicals. Allen was doused by the chemicals, which radically altered his body chemistry, giving him superhuman speed. Gifted with fantastic powers, Barry became the costumed superhero known as the Flash.

Barry's older brother, Jay Allen, was a detective for the Central City Police Department. Committed towards cleaning up the streets, Jay launched a campaign against a group of motorcycle gang members led by Nicholas Pike. Jay Allen was murdered by Pike's gang, prompting Barry Allen to avenge his death as the Flash.

Mitch Lestrange worked as a special investigator for the Central City Police Department. Known as a perfectionist and overly cautious man, he was not above pulling out all stops when it came to crime prevention. Some of those who might have benefited from Lestrange's ways felt that he tended to go a bit overboard with his job duties.

Other notable members of the Central City Police Department include officer Tony Bellows and officer Michael Murphy.

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