Flash 1990 1x04 003
Central City Police Station
Redirects: Central City Police Headquarters
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Missouri
City: Central City
Notable apperances: Flash (1990)
Flash (2014)
1st appearance: Flash: Pilot (Part 1)

The Central City Police Station is a fictional building featured in media relating to The Flash. It played a key role in the 1990-1991 The Flash live-action television series. The station was a high-rise building located in the heart of the city and was the base of operations for the Central City Police Department. Staff members known to work out of this building include, Barry Allen, Julio Mendez, Mitch Lestrange, Tony Bellows, Michael Murphy and Jay Allen.

While working late one night in his laboratory at the Central City Police Station, a freak bolt of lightning came through the window, striking a display stand containing bottles of chemicals. Allen was doused by the chemicals, which radically altered his body chemistry, giving him superhuman speed. Gifted with fantastic powers, Barry became the costumed superhero known as the Flash.

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