"Deep within a bleak and dismal swamp, hidden beneath its murky waters, lies the headquarters of the most sinister villains of all time: The Legion of Doom!"

""Wanted: The Super Friends" is the premiere episode of the animated superhero action series Challenge of the Super Friends. It was directed by Ray Patterson and Carl Urbano with a script written and developed by Jeffrey Scott. The episode first aired on ABC on Saturday morning on September 9th, 1978.

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Note: The following represents the regular cast list for the series. Not every voice actor who is credited on the show necessarily works on each individual episode. The voice cast list below is taken from the episode itself.

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Jack Angel
Marlene Aragon
Lewis Bailey
Michael Bell
Bill Callaway
Ted Cassidy
Melanie Chartoff
Henry Corden
Danny Dark
Al Fann
Shannon Farnon
Ruth Forman
Bob Hastings

Bob Holt
Buster Jones
Stanley Jones
Casey Kasem
Don Messick
Vic Perrin
Renny Roker
Stanley Ross
Dick Ryal
Michael Rye
Olan Soule
Jimmy Weldon
Frank Welker
Louise Williams

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  • Iwao Takamoto is credited as a creative producer on this series.
  • On the DVD release, this episode included audio commentaries by comic book authors Mark Waid and Geoff Johns.

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  • Superman: Without the use of my muscles, my super-strength is useless!

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