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A charge blade is a fictional weapon featured in the science fiction television series Defiance. It first appeared in the first part of the series' pilot episode.

A charge blade is an energy based bladed weapon use by members of the Castithan race. When powered down, the device itself is just a metallic hilt, but by activating a toggle, a short energy blade, blue in color, emits forth. The power of the blade is very strong and can even cut through a human limb. On the planet Casti, a young Datak Tarr used to play with his father's charge blade. The senior Tarr admonished him for this, citing that such a weapon was to be respected, and should not be wielded like some child's toy. When the time came for the mass exodus, the older Tarr gave a teenage Datak his charge blade. [1]

In 2046 on Earth, Alak Tarr brandished a Charge blade when he nearly got into a fight with the irate Luke McCawley. [2]

In 2048 when Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr were captured by Rahm Tak, Rahm took Datak's charge blade. He gave it back to him later, when Datak swore loyalty to Rahm. However, Datak used the weapon to cut off his own left arm, which had been implanted with an explosive device that wiped out Rahm Tak's entire camp. [3]

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