Charles Tucker, III
ENT 4x05 002
Charles Tucker, III
Aliases: Charles "Trip" Tucker
Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Enterprise NX-01
Status: Deceased
Born: 2121
Died: 2161
First: "Broken Bow"
Final: "These Are the Voyages..."
Actor: Connor Trinneer

Charles Tucker, III is a fictional engineer and military officer featured in the Star Trek television and film franchise. He was a recurring supporting character on the 2001-2005 sci-fi series, Star Trek: Enterprise. Played by actor Connor Trinneer, he was introduced in the show's two-part pilot episode "Broken Bow", and appeared in all 98 episodes of the program in total. Tucker, more affectionately known as "Trip" to his peers, was a human orbital engineer who served aboard the starship Enterprise NX-01 from 2151 to 2161 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Trip held the rank of Commander and was the third highest ranking officer on the Enterprise during his tenure of service. A native of the Southern United States, Trip was an adventurous and affable officer, always looking for the next big thrill and willing to dive head-first into any new experiences, no matter how strange (including as male pregnancy). Tucker developed a romantic interest in his superior, the Vulcan Science Officer Subcommander T'Pol, though her natural resistance towards emotional attachment made courtship extremely difficult for him.

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