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This page contains a list of people, places and things featured in the Charmed multimedia franchise. Character names are categorized by first name, last name.

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The original Charmed Ones of the modern era were the Halliwell sisters, which included Prudence Halliwell, the oldest of the sisters, Piper Halliwell, the middle child and Phoebe Halliwell, the youngest. Prue Halliwell was murdered in 2001. Her position amongst the Charmed Ones was filled by long lost sister Paige Matthews, who shared the same mother as the Halliwell sisters, but had a different father. The Charmed Ones can harness the Power of Three, which is a conjunctive mystical effect that requires all three sisters to cast. This power is symbolized by the Triquetra, which is found within the mystic grimoire known as the Book of Shadows.

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