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Christmas is one of the major Christian holidays. The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve.

Christmas can also refer to:


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Fictional characters[edit]Edit


United States


Other uses[edit]Edit

  • Christmas beetle, Australian genus of beetle (Anoplognathus)
  • Christmas Bird Count, a census of birds in the Western Hemisphere
  • Christmas Bowl, an annual Japanese American high school football championship game
  • Christmas Bullet, often considered to be the worst aircraft ever built
  • Christmas truce, several brief truces during World War I
  • Christmas disease, another name for Haemophilia B
  • Christmas factor, another name for Factor IX, a blood clotting protein
  • Christmastide, a season in the liturgical year of most Christian denominations
  • "Sweet Christmas!", exclamatory catch phrase of the Marvel Comics character Luke Cage in the Power Man and Iron Fist comic series

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