Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Cliff.

Six Million Dollar Man, The Edit

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Cliff is a fictional criminal and a minor character featured in the 1974 sci-fi/action television series The Six Million Dollar Man. Played by an unknown actor, he appeared in the fourth episode from season one titled, "Day of the Robot". Cliff was a common thug employed by Gavern Wilson in the early 1970s. Along with another man named Roy, he was charged with tailing OSI agent Steve Austin, who was escorting a robotic duplicate of anti-missile defense designer Frederick Sloan to the Red Canyon Missile Testing Site. Roy and Cliff coordinated their efforts to tail Austin through Master Sergeant Vince Parnell, who kept pace with them in a helicopter. The car carrying Austin and the robot drove off the road, and the robot attacked Steve, clubbing him across the back of the head, stunning him. Afterward, Cliff came up to finish him off and fired a shot at Steve just as he was coming to. Austin used the strength of his bionic legs to overturn the nearby car, which slammed into Cliff, knocking him over. Presumably, Cliff was arrested following the resolution of this debacle, along with the rest of Wilson's gang.

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