Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner Gordon - Batman (1966)
Commissioner Gordon
Aliases: Commissioner Gordon
Series: Batman
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Police commissioner
Location: Gotham City
Status: Alive
First: "Hi Diddle Riddle"
Actor: Neil Hamilton

Commissioner Gordon is a fictional police commissioner featured in the Batman multimedia franchise. Played by actor Neil Hamilton, he was one of the main characters from the 1966-1968 live-action ABC television version of Batman.

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Gordon was presented as a stalwart champion of justice, who took a direct approach towards maintaining peace and lawfulness in Gotham City. Along with his trusted chief of police, O'Hara, Commissioner Gordon was not above employing special services in cases where crimes were being committed that were simply to bizarre for conventional police work. These "special services" involved calling upon the aid of Gotham's caped crusaders - Batman and Robin. Commissioner Gordon had a private line to the Batphone and could contact the costumed heroes directly as the need arose.

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