"The Beast Rises" is the premiere episode of the supernatural drama series Damien. The series is based on the 1976 occult thriller film The Omen by director Richard Donner and serves as a contemporary sequel to the movie. The episode is directed by Shekhar Kapur with a script written by Glen Mazzara. It first aired on A&E on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 10:00 pm.

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  • This episode had a viewership of 753,000 people upon its initial broadcast.
  • This episode incorporates archival footage from The Omen in flashback sequences for the sake of continuity.

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  • This episode incorporates archival footage from The Omen in flashback sequences for the sake of continuity.
  • Flashback clips of Gregory Peck as Robert Thorn; also in a photograph.
  • Flashback clips of Lee Remick as Katherine Thorn.
  • Flashback clips of Harvey Stephens as young Damien Thorn.
  • Flashback clips of Holly Palance as the nanny.
  • Photograph of David Warner as photographer Keith Jennings.
  • Flashback clip of that damned dog.
  • There are also references made to Carl Bugenhagen from The Omen in this episode. Bugenhagen was the one who supplied Robert Thorn with the knives designed to kill Damien. Igor Reneus was a student of his.

Bloopers Edit

  • There is a major incongruity in the timeline presented in this series, owing largely to the notion that this series is intended as a direct sequel to The Omen. This incongruity presupposes that the events from The Omen took place in the year in which it was released, 1976, juxtaposed with the assumption that Damien likewise takes place in the year in which it first aired, 2016. Damien Thorn is thirty-years old at the beginning of the series, which would make his year of birth 1986. In The Omen, Damien Thorn is already 5-years-old in 1976, making his year of birth 1971.

Body count Edit

  1. Igor Reneus - Throat ripped out by three dogs.
  2. Kelly Baptiste - Drowned in quicksand by mystical forces.

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