Dark Angel: The Complete Second Season
Dark Angel - The Complete Second Season
Series: Dark Angel
Format: Region 1 DVD
Season: 2
Episodes: 21
Discs: 6
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Released: October 21st, 2003
Previous: Season One

Dark Angel: The Complete Second Season is a six-disc DVD boxset that collects all twenty-one episodes from the second season of the Sci-fi/Action series Dark Angel. The collection was released by 20th Century Fox in Region 1 format (fullscreen aspect ratio, 1:33:1) on October 21st, 2003. The collection was re-released in slimcase format on June 5th, 2007. Region 2 edition was released on June 2nd, 2003.

Episodes Edit

Disc One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Designate This September 28th, 2001
2x2 Bag 'Em October 5th, 2001
2x3 Proof of Purchase October 12th, 2001

Disc Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x4 Radar Love October 26th, 2001
2x5 Boo November 2nd, 2001
2x6 Two November 9th, 2001
2x7 Some Assembly Required November 16th, 2001

Disc Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x8 Gill Girl December 7th, 2001
2x9 Medium Is the Message December 14th, 2001
2x10 Brainiac January 11th, 2002
2x11 The Berrisford Agenda January 18th, 2002

Disc Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x12 Borrowed Time February 1st, 2002
2x13 Harbor Lights February 8th, 2002
2x14 Love in Vein March 8th, 2002
2x15 Fuhgeddaboudit March 15th, 2002

Disc Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x16 Exposure March 22nd, 2002
2x17 Hello, Goodbye April 5th, 2002
2x18 Dawg Day Afternoon April 12th, 2002
2x19 She Ain't Heavy April 19th, 2002

Disc Six Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x20 Love Among the Runes April 26th, 2002
2x21 Freak Nation May 3rd, 2002

Notes Edit

  • ASIN: B000O77SN6 (Region 1)
  • ASIN: B00008YGRX (Region 2)
  • UPC: 024543377580 (Region 1)
  • UPC: 024543079491 (Region 2)
  • Total running time: 943 minutes.

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