DS 614 001

"Good job, Liz. You've done well."

This section is an editor's reference page which relates to episodes of Dark Shadows that may be considered "Complete". This means the following criteria for each page is observed.

  • High quality image.
  • Full cast.
  • Full crew.
  • Synopsis (w/images is preferable)
  • Several quotes from the episode.
  • The See Also template.
  • External Links.
  • Episode title is linked to all viable pages including crew credits.
  • All information from the episode is included on character, location, item, animal, event and miscellaneous pages.
  • All viable notations
  • Recording date.
  • Home video inclusion.
  • Series creation credits.
  • Director and writer numbering.
  • Additional notations, indexes and allusions.

Episodes Edit

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