The great estate at Collinwood has seen many secrets. Secrets which have led to horror, to violence, even to death. And at the Old House on the grounds, another secret is working its spell; for two men, they're the mark of the vampire. And one, insane with jealousy and suspicion, is taking his revenge.

Episode 614 is the untitled 614th episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. The episode was directed by Sean Dhu Sullivan with a script written by Sam Hall. It first aired on ABC on Thursday, October 31st, 1968.

Synopsis Edit

DS 614 008

"I'ma kill you, ya creepy old bastard!"

Joe Haskell awakens in Josette's room at the Old House. Determined to put an end to all of this madness, he takes a curtain tie and goes downstairs where he finds Barnabas napping. He begins to strangle him and Barnabas seems powerless as he gasps for air. Mrs. Sarah Johnson enters the room and tries to stop him, but Joe pushes her away, screaming "No one can stop me!" Believing Barnabas dead, Joe races out of the house.

In the drawing room at Collinwood, Roger Collins sits Elizabeth Collins Stoddard down to discuss her recent obsession with death and this pressing fear of being buried alive. Roger questions Elizabeth's decision to build a private mausoleum with an early warning system that will allow her to escape. He recommends using the existing Collins family mausoleum at Eagle Hill Cemetery.

DS 614 006

Just chillin' at Eagle Hill Cemetery. Nothing strange about that.

Back at the Old House, Barnabas awakens, and Mrs. Johnson is both grateful and frantic. She tells him that Joe Haskell was acting like a madman, but Barnabas forbids her from going to the police. She doesn't understand, but obeys nonetheless.

Roger Collins brings Elizabeth to Eagle Hill Cemetery. She grows nervous, saying that the dead are restless and that they hate them because they are alive. Roger ushers her into the mausoleum where they find the injured Joe Haskell hiding out. Joe passes out before them as they enter the gates.

Mrs. Johnson returns to Collinwood and finds her son, Harry in the foyer. She tells him that she had just returned from the Old House and plans on calling the police, against Barnabas' orders. Harry begins acting nervous and suspicious. He mentions Joe Haskell and Sarah wonders how he knew that Joe was at the Old House. Harry deflects the question, but counters with an inquiry of his own. He again asks her about Joe's condition. As they argue, Roger and Elizabeth burst through the front door, helping the barely conscious Joe Haskell along. Mrs. Johnson exclaims that he's a murderer. After everyone leaves the room, Mrs. Johnson begins dialing the police.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Opening still: Collinwood, exterior, day; Tower room side; transitions to the Old House exterior at dusk.
  • This episode first aired on Halloween.
  • Joe Haskell is the first character seen in this episode. He is also the first character with speaking lines.
  • The first set seen in this episode is Josette's bedroom.

Story notes Edit

  • Roger takes Elizabeth to the Collins family mausoleum in the hopes of convincing her of renovating it, in lieu of building her own mausoleum. They find the injured Joe Haskell hiding out and bring him back to Collinwood.
  • Sarah Johnson finds Harry Johnson in the foyer at Collinwood, and he acts nervous and sketchy about the news that Joe tried to kill Barnabas.
  • Mrs. Johnson disobey's Barnabas' wishes and begins telephoning the police.

Allusions Edit

  • A portrait of Josette du Pres hangs in the bedroom she once occupied at the Old House. Josette was Barnabas' true love and the primary motivation behind most of Barnabas' actions. Josette committed suicide by jumping off Widows' Hill after learning that Barnabas was a vampire. [3]

Bloopers Edit

  • During Roger's conversation with Elizabeth where she says, "Fear is usually reserved for the unknown", the camera begins jumping around a bit.
  • A production crew member can be briefly seen entering the frame during Joan Bennett's credit in the end-title credit sequence.

Quotes Edit

  • Roger Collins: Really, where is Mrs. Johnson? We could both do with a cup of tea. Everything always seems more civilized over a cup of tea.


  • Roger Collins: These past few days I have honestly tried to... to understand this fear of yours of... of being buried alive.
  • Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: It isn't fear, Roger. Fear is usually reserved for the unknown. I know its going to happen to me.



  • Roger Collins: For Carolyn's sake. For David's... we shouldn't encourage this kind of reputation.



  • Sarah Johnson: You didn't see his eyes, they were like a madman... like... like an animal!


  • Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: There are spirits here. Watching us. Envying us. Because they want to live. They hate us. Because we'er alive. Don't you feel that, Roger?


  • Sarah Johnson: I don't know what to believe! Everyone tells me the sensible thing to do is the crazy thing to do.


  • Sarah Johnson: Joe Haskell! He was trying to kill Mister Barnabas!


  • Joe Haskell: I have to kill Barnabas. I have to. Before he kills me!

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