Episode 616 is the untitled 616th episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. The episode was directed by Sean Dhu Sullivan with a script written by Ron Sproat. It first aired on ABC on Monday, November 4th, 1968.

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  • Opening still: Collinwood, exterior, day; Tower room side.
  • The beginning of this episode recaps the climax from episode 615.
  • This is the 196th episode of Dark Shadows written by Ron Sproat. He writes 216 episodes of the series in total.

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  • There are no allusions available for this episode at this time. Be the first to add some! Just click on the edit tab under the section heading and start typing. An allusion is an incidental reference made to a character, person, event or other miscellaneous piece of media that can be found somewhere in the episode itself. In most cases, this refers to characters or events from previous episodes.

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  • The shadow of a production crew member can be seen during the first part of the closing credits.

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The western skies, streaked with red from the reflected sun. It has already set on Collinwood and even the fast gathering dusk cannot hide the blood-colored stains that announce the coming of night. A night not dark enough to conceal a new found terror, or prevent the rebirth of an old despair.

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