This night has been dark and filled with dread for an unnatural creature has been let loose to force his will upon those he claims as victims. Dirk Wilkins has made a deadly demand upon Barnabas Collins, a demand that must be met by dawn, and now the dawn is nearing.

Episode 776 is the untitled 776th episode of the Gothic daytime soap opera series Dark Shadows. It was directed by Lela Swift, with a script written by Violet Welles. It first aired on Monday, June 16th, 1969. This episode is part of the "1897 Flashback" storyline. In this episode, a mesmerized Judith Collins goes to the lair of Dirk Wilkins' coffin and shoots Rachel Drummond. Tim Shaw comes upon her and brings her back to the Old House where she dies. Before the dawn, Dirk meets his final fate.

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DS 776 003

"Ruh-roh, Rachel".

DS 776 005

"Well this turned into a crap day!"

DS 776 007

"What the Hell, Judith?!"

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  • Opening still: Collinwood exterior, day; Tower-side.
  • Closing still: Silo doors.

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  • This is the final appearance of Dirk Wilkins, who is destroyed in this episode.
  • This is the final appearance of Rachel Drummond, who dies in this episode. She makes a behind-the-scenes appearance in episode 777.
  • Dirk Wilkins is the first character to appear in this episode.

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  • Several references are made to Barnabas Collins in this episode, but he does not make an appearance.

Bloopers Edit

DS 776 010

"Hey cameraman! Back da Hell up!"

  • In the scene where Tim Shaw first enters the Old House parlor while carrying Rachel Drummond, the front of a film camera can be seen coming in from stage right. The angle closes out the visible production equipment as Tim sets Rachel down on the sofa.

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