The great estate of Collinwood appears peaceful this day, but it conceals a puzzling mystery. Another Collinwood exists in time concurrent to its own. There the Collins family compiles of a different history. But the one man who has passed over through some warp in time is unable to participate in or even witness it. Barnabas Collins remains in a chained coffin, a captive of a man named William Loomis. While all around him, mystery deepens concerning the presence of a stranger, the twin of Quentin Collins' former wife, Angelique.

Episode 987 is the untitled 987th episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The episode was directed by Henry Kaplan with a script written by Joe Caldwell. It first aired on ABC on Tuesday, April 7th, 1970. This episode is part of the "1970 Parallel Time" storyline. Featured actors for this episode include Lara Parker as Alexis Stokes, David Selby as the parallel time version of Quentin Collins, Christopher Pennock as mad scientist Cyrus Longworth, Lisa Richards as the parallel time version of Sabrina Stuart, Michael Stroka as Bruno and John Harkins as Mister Horace Gladstone.

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  • Opening still: Collinwood; exterior, day. Tower side (reverse angle).
  • This is the first appearance of the parallel time counterpart to Sabrina Stuart.
  • This is the first appearance of Horace Gladstone. He is identified as Mister Gladstone in the end-credits for this episode.

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  • Sabrina Stuart: Before I throw my arms about you and make a fool of myself, it is an engagement ring, isn't it?
  • Cyrus Longworth: Well, I hope so.

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