"Dark Sun, Dark Spore"Ken is confronted by Oikawa, who reveals his link to his past. As the other Digimon battle and are forced to destroy the Daemon Corps, Oikawa copies Ken's Dark Spore into the 'kidnapped' children, when they are attacked by Daemon! The Daemon three-parter continues, vaguely reminiscent of the Myotismon saga of season one. Cody and Yolei are given a firm smack in the chops this episode, when their Digimon are forced to destroy LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon - and it's really about damn time. Not that Yolei's "skateboard thwap attack" on LadyDevimon wasn't cool, though. Most of this episode is given over to explanation from Oikawa, however, all done very well by his voice actor, Jamieson Price. Weird animation note - how come, in the truck, Oikawa is fully lit up, but the kids around him are in darkness? It's a very noticeable flaw. However, despite this, the animation remains above par.

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