Incredible Hulk 1x02 004

David Benton was one of the many aliases used by scientist David Bruce Banner in the 1977-1982 live-action superhero fantasy series, The Incredible Hulk. David Banner wanted the world to continue believing that he was actually dead - a possible murder victim of his own alter ego, the Hulk. In order to function with anonymity, as well as avoiding the attention of a snooping investigative reporter named Jack McGee, Banner adopted a different alias in nearly every town he journeyed to. Almost all of his identities maintained his actual first name, with a spelling variation of his last name. The David Benton identity was used in "Death in the Family".

Banner assumed the David Benton alias when he saved a young crippled girl named Julie Griffith who had collapsed in a pasture on her family's farm. Taking her back to her house, he oversaw the family trying to nurse her back to health. Julie's stepmother, Margaret Griffith was grateful and offered David a job as a picker. Eventually, he uncovered a conspiracy between the family and the nursing staff to keep Julie sick.

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