David Wiener
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Story editor; Writer; Executive producer
Notable works: Fear the Walking Dead
The Killing

David Wiener is a television executive producer, script writer and story editor. He is best known for his work on programs such as Fear the Walking Dead and The Killing.

As an executive producer Edit

Fear the Walking Dead Edit

  1. Fear the Walking Dead: Pilot

As a writer Edit

The Killing Edit

  1. The Killing: Eminent Domain

As a story editor Edit

The Killing Edit

  1. The Killing: The Junghle
  2. The Killing: That You Fear the Most
  3. The Killing: Seventeen
  4. The Killing: Head Shots
  5. The Killing: Scared and Running
  6. The Killing: Eminent Domain
  7. The Killing: Hope Kills
  8. The Killing: Try
  9. The Killing: Reckoning
  10. The Killing: Six Minutes
  11. The Killing: From Up Here
  12. The Killing: The Road to Hamelin

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