Day After, The
Day After, The
Title: Day After, The
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Writers: Edward Hume
Producers: Robert A. Papazian; Stephanie Austin
Cast: Jason Robards; JoBeth Williams; Steven Guttenberg; John Cullum; John Lithgow; Bibi Besch
Genre: Drama
Airdate: November 20th, 1983
Running time: 127 min.
country: USA
Network: ABC

The Day After is an American television movie of the drama genre. It was directed by Nicholas Meyer with a script written by Edward Hume. It was produced by ABC Circle Films and premiered on ABC on November 20th, 1983. The film takes a stark and horrifying look at the effects of atomic radiation upon a population center after a nuclear bomb is detonated in the United States. The Day After stars Jason Robards as Doctor Russell Oakes, JoBeth Williams as Nurse Nancy Bauer, Steven Guttenberg as Stephen Klein, John Cullum as Jim Dahlberg, John Lithgow as Joe Huxley, and Bibi Besch as Eve Dahlberg.

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