Deer are four-legged mammals with antlers. They live in the forest and are considered coveted game amongst hunters. One of the more recognizable breeds of deer are reindeer, which have the magical ability to fly and to pull a fat-ass on a sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve so he can drop off tons of toys to a bunch of undeserving little brats.

Sons of Anarchy Edit

A motorist plastered a deer with their car in Charming, California. The vehicle was brought into the Sons of Anarchy mechanic shop where Jax Teller made prospect Kip Epps remove the deer from the windshield with a chainsaw. Kip, not being particularly bright, decided to keep the deer's head to be mounted on the wall at some future date, not realizing that it had to be stuffed and preserved first. He kept the rotting deer head underneath the group's meeting table, producing a horrible smell. [1]

The Walking Dead Edit

Sportsman's Deer Cooler was a meat refrigeration and storage facility located in rural Georgia, not far from the town of Woodbury. Prior to the onset of the zombie plague, it is unclear who owned and operated the cooler and what eventually became of them. The facility included a long corridor filled with meat hooks and a storage room. Following an intense winter in 2012, the survivors known as Michonne and Andrea took refuge here, along with Michonne's two walker attendees. Andrea fell very ill following the harsh cold season and Michonne had to take care of her. [2]

While scrounging for food in the forests of Virginia, Daryl Dixon came upon the partially decomposed remains of a deer. He stared at the body for a moment, perhaps wondering if there was any salvageable meat, or perhaps he was pondering why the animal had died. [3]

References Edit

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