Delia Banks
Ghost Whisperer 4x23 002
Delia Banks
Series: Ghost Whisperer
Gender: Female
Location: Grandview, New York
Relatives: Ned Banks [1]
Status: Alive
First: "Love Still Won't Die"
Actor: Camryn Manheim

Delia Banks is a fictional real estate developer featured in the CBS supernatural drama series Ghost Whisperer. Played by actress Camryn Manheim, she was brought into the series at the beginning of season two in the episode, "Love Still Won't Die".

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  • Was a real estate developer, but quit due to stress.
  • Delia's husband, Charlie Banks, died three years prior to her first appearance on the series.
  • Was initially skeptical of Melinda Gordon's power. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Delia always sought to find a rational explanation in everything.
  • Delia's husband's ghost began haunting Melinda.
  • Delia tried to get her son Ned into a private school. This was nearly sabotaged by the efforts of a lawyer named Shane, who was stalking Melinda.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Delia Banks was created by writer and director John Gray.
  • Delia Banks was credited in a total of eighty-four appearances in the series. Her actual appearances in the show total sixty-five.

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