Derek Rayne
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Derek Rayne
Aliases: Doctor Derek Rayne [1]
Series: Poltergeist: The Legacy
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Race: Psychic
Location: San Francisco, California
Relatives: Winston Rayne [2]
Status: Alive
Born: 1954 [3]
First: "The Legacy"
Actor: Derek de Lint
Myles Ferguson [4]

Derek Rayne is a fictional occultist and exorcist. He is one of the main characters featured in the Showtime television series Poltergeist: The Legacy. He was played by actor Derek de Lint.

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  1. Poltergeist: The Legacy: The Legacy: First addressed by Alex Moreau when introducing Derek Rayne at the Luna Foundation party.
  2. Father, deceased. Also a member of the Legacy; killed in 1969.
  3. Poltergeist: The Legacy: The Legacy: It is implied that Derek Rayne is 15-years-old in the 1969 flashback. This episode also establishes that the main events take place in the current year, when Rayne states that his father died some twenty-years ago. This makes Derek's year of birth 1954.
  4. Actor Myles Ferguson played young Derek Rayne in flashback scenes in the series.