Desert Wolf
Teen Wolf 5x08 003
Desert Wolf
Series: Teen Wolf
Gender: Female
Race: Werecoyote
Location: Russia
Relatives: Malia Tate [1]
Status: Alive
First: "Ouroboros"
Actor: Marisol Nichols

The "Desert Wolf" is a fictional werecoyote featured on the MTV television series Teen Wolf. She was first referenced in season four of the show, but did not make her actual appearance until the eighth episode of season five, "Ouroboros". The role of the Desert Wolf was played by actress Marisol Nichols.

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The Desert Wolf is a werecoyote, who can shift back and forth between human form and that of an adult female coyote depending upon the phases of the moon. She had a sexual relationship with a werewolf named Peter Hale, which yielded a daughter, Malia.

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The Desert Wolf made a failed attempt to murder her daughter some years ago. When she discovered that Malia was still alive, she vowed that she would have to make more of an effort to get the job done.

The Desert Wolf encountered Druid veterinarian Alan Deaton at an abandoned nuclear power facility in Russia. She murdered Deaton's associate with a handgun and kept Deaton captive, pressing him for information concerning Malia. [2]

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