Deserted island

A deserted island is an island that is devoid of human settlement, and possibly even animal life. Many such islands are often uncharted. One of the most famous fictional islands in television history is the unnamed island that serves as the central setting for the 1964-1967 comedy series Gilligan's Island. This island was located somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean approximately three-hundred miles southeast of Hawaii. The Skipper of the charter boat the S.S. Minnow and his first mate Gilligan, took five passengers on a projected three-hour tour out of Honolulu, but a tropical storm caused the boat to shipwreck on this "desert isle" (in fact, it was not a desert at all, but quite lush with fauna). They spent several years trying to find a way off the island, often encountering other castaways as well as headhunters, witch doctors, military dictators, and the occasional horny gorilla. After fifteen years of making it on their own, the castaways had to secure three of their huts together to make a raft in order to survive a tsunami that swept over the island.

Another semi-deserted island of note is Lian Yu, which plays a major role in the CW Network television series Arrow. Lian Yu is an island in the North China Sea where Oliver Queen was stranded for five years, between 2007 and 2012, before he was found by Chinese fishermen. Lian Yu houses herbs that are capable of healing almost any injury. These herbs are so effective, they were capable of healing almost any type of poison, including Floyd Lawton's Curare, and Sara Lance of snake venom almost instantly. These herbs became a necessary component to allow Oliver Queen to treat his poison-related injuries while at the same time, keeping his identity a secret.

Residents of Gilligan's island Edit

Residents of Lian Yu Edit

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