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Dinah Lance
Dinah Lance
Series: Arrow
Gender: Female
Notability: Recurring character
Location: Central City
Relatives: Quentin Lance [1]
Laurel Lance [2]
Sara Lance [3]
Status: Alive
Born: 1963 [4]
Actor: Alex Kingston

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Dinah Lance is the ex-wife of Starling City police detective Quentin Lance. She is the mother Laurel Lance and Sara Lance. When their younger daughter, Sara, was lost at sea and believed to be dead, both Dinah and Quentin took the news very hard. Quentin began heavily drinking and it eventually destroyed their marriage. Dinah divorced him and moved out of the city. She returned five years later, convinced that Sara was somehow still alive. Though she had no way of knowing this, she was actually correct. Sara returned to Starling City after having spent several years training with the League of Assassins. Mother and daughter enjoyed a heartfelt reunion, but the festivities were bittersweet as Laurel was undergoing her own personal problems with alcoholism at this time.

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  1. Ex-husband; alive.
  2. 1st daughter; alive.
  3. 2nd daughter; deceased.
  4. Date approximated based upon the age of actress Alex Kingston.