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Classification: Miscellaneous
Associated genres: Drama
Associated programs: Hemlock Grove
Character examples: Jeffrey Spender
Shelley Godfrey

Disfigurement is what happens when a person gets jacked up. For purposes of this database, disfigurement differs from deformity, which represents a defect of birth. This is not to say that those born with birth defects cannot be disfigured later. Disfigurement can be caused from any number of injuries. Ya get whacked in the face with a baseball bat - you're probably going to get disfigured. You get your ears caught in a rice-picking machine - you're probably going to come out of it looking like a Vulcan. Got some strange toxic chemical thrown on you? Oh yeah... you're definitely getting disfigured. But you might also emerge from the experience with some swank new super-powers, so at least there's an upside.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Jeffrey Spender The X-Files
Shelley Godfrey Hemlock Grove

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