[1]=+ Disney Christmas 2008 +by Opal-I= Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Digital / Movies & TV©2008-2014 Opal-I  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Original LineART's all by the uber talented [2]

Ariel | Belle | Jasmine | Megara | Mulan

Well finally after about 2 weeks of work, IT'S FINISHED!

I had planned to colour these lovely Christmas lineART's purposely around this time of the year with a background to suit as soon as I saw them, and well here it is

I tried to stay true to their original design Melly, so i hope I haven't destroyed them

I really like the way Belle and Ariel's dresses turned out, although that being said I LOVE all the designs

I've also uploaded the girls by themselves for a closer view of their dresses...

Ariel - [link] - represents a candle of hope, light in the darkness Belle - [link] - represents Christmas Trees and Holly Jasmine - [link] - respresents snow Megara - [link] - represents the starry night sky Mulan - [link] - she's kind of a bit of everything

I hope you all have a very happy holiday and a new year filled with hope, happiness and health [3]

Colouring - about 6 days spread over a period of 2 weeks

Drawings © - Mellasfenixxes Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Megara & Mulan © - Disney

Textures Floor - EnchantedGal-Stock - [link] Rug - DH-Textures - [link] Walls - - IllusionOfPerfection - [link] Ariel's Dress - EnchantedGal-Stock
Megara's Dress - ro-stock - [link] Belle's Dress - Textures-Galore - [link] & princesspeach0221 - [link]

Brushes Snowflakes - mediaklepto - [link]

Tutorials Tree - Ramy - [link] Snow - ShadowUmbre - [link]

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