Series Twelve
Doctor Who
Doctor Who 12.16 001
Season Premiere December 28th, 1974
Season Finale May 10th, 1975
Episode Count 20
Cast Tom Baker; Elisabeth Sladen; Ian Marter
Notable Episodes Genesis of the Daleks

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Season 13

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC and deals with themes of time travel, alien invasions, and high-adventure. The series features a humanoid alien being known as the Doctor, who travels with his (usually) human companions inside of his time machine, the TARDIS, fighting various foes and saving the Earth from threats both terrestrial and beyond the stars.

Series twelve of Doctor Who featured Tom Baker in the role of the Fourth Doctor. It aired on BBC One from December 28th, 1974 to May 10th, 1975, spanning a total of twenty episodes.

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