She-Wolf of London 1x02 002

A Doomsayer is an individual, usually of questionable mental fortitude, who believes that a series of traumatic events is destined to befall a particular individual or location. Doomsayers are often regarded as crackpots, but oddly enough, tend to be more right than wrong. Due to their obsessive and often harassing rhetoric, doomsayers are generally dismissed by those whom they would try to warn. These mental cases goes on spouting a bunch of gibberish about the end of the world and how everybody is going to be judged or die in flames or whatever crazy, whack-a-loon notions suddenly pop into their head at any given moment. Oddly, none of these chaps are eve well-dressed clean-shaven types. They are usually middle-aged men with bad facial hair and even worse hygiene. Even less surprising is the fact that these clowns usually suffer from some sort of drug or alcohol abuse.

In the NBC television series She-Wolf of London, a character named Angus, played by Charles Lewsen, appeared in episode two, "The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath". Angus was blind, but claimed to have the gift of second sight. He claimed to have been descended from Celtic mystics and was able to instantly recognize the Mark of the Wolf upon werewolf Randi Wallace.

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