Voiced by:

Dan Povenmire Originator

Jeff Gunn (Cowboy singing voice in "Bubble Boys") Ashley Tisdale the Real Voice and Probally Others Too Voice[edit]

Co-creator and executive producer Dan Povenmire voices Doofenshmirtz. He describes the voice he uses as "Eastern European" and is one he used at the age of fifteen while having pillow fights with his five-year-old sister. To this day, his sister recognizes the voice and asks him to do it frequently. During recording sessions, Povenmire is easily able to ad-lib and improvise; the writers can change his lines without throwing him off.[7] Povenmire sometimes even adds his own lines or alters his enunciation,[14] and is usually asked to perform the voice in interviews.[7]

Other Voices Of His Legends Behind Him Dan's

Santa Claus (I, Brobot), Klimpaloon, singing voice of Ferb (Phineas and Ferb Save Summer only), parsnip-affected voice of Candace, others 

Ashley's Candace Flynn Constance Princess Baldegunde Candace Flynn (2nd Dimension) Mindy ("Jerk De Soleil") Can-tok and as a non Voice Fact Herself With Dan Who Also Did in Episodes

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