Breaking Bad 1x01 003

Jesse Pinkman and Krazy-8 from Breaking Bad.

A drug dealer is someone who illegally purchases, distributes and resells narcotics for a living. This can range from anything such as a street level nickel-and-dime pot dealer to members of a major international cartel. Popular unlawful drugs of choice often include marijuana, heroin, cocaine and crystal meth. As most of these drugs are highly addictive, it goes without saying that repeat business is usually very strong for a competent drug dealer. Then of course you get dumbasses like Jesse Pinkman over on Breaking Bad, who couldn't sell a life preserver to a drowning man without the aid of teacher-turned-meth cook Walter White.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Blaine DeBeers iZombie
Domingo Molina Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad

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