Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Earl.

Incredible Hulk Edit

Incredible Hulk 4x13 004

Earl was a rather large man who lived in the town of Vissaria, California in the early 1980s. He was the owner of a general store, which also doubled as a bar, and was friends with a man named Brad Wheeler. Earl was one of several locals who would poke fun at an elderly man with Arthritis named Dell Frye. On one occasion, Dell came into Earl's for a drink and Earl watched as Brad continued to make fun of him. To the surprise of everyone, Dell actually stood his ground and splashed his beer in Brad's face. Brad was about to take retribution upon him when Sheriff Carl Decker came into the place. Later, Earl watched as Dell came in a second time, though Brad kept quiet out of fear of reprisal from the sheriff. Dell kept prodding at Brad to make a move and Earl just smiled in disbelief. Brad finally had enough and punched Dell several times, ultimately sending him crashing through a door into a storeroom. Dell's anger triggered a metamorphosis and he turned into a tall, lanky green-skinned creature. Earl watched in horror as the creature threw Brad through the window, killing him. Later, Earl spoke with National Register reporter Jack McGee and told him about everything that had happened at the bar, including his eyewitness account of a giant green creature, which McGee took special interest in. (Incredible Hulk: The First (Part 2))

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