2010 Eddie CarrollEdit

For 37 years, Eddie Carroll was the voice of Jiminy Cricket, one of Disney’s most iconic characters and the gentle voice of wisdom and guidance to generations of children around the world. Eddie began voicing Jiminy in 1973, two years after Cliff Edwards (the original voice of Jiminy) passed away. He won the role after an emotional audition in which he re-connected with his own childhood affection for Jiminy, and went on to play Jiminy for longer than any other performer has voiced any Disney character. Eddie gave thousands of performances as Jiminy. They include short subjects and television programs (such as House of Mouse), video programs (such as the Disney Sing-Along-Songs), video games (such as the Kingdom Hearts games), and theme park entertainment (such as the popular “Wishes” fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom). In addition to his work as Jiminy, Eddie had a distinguished career as an actor on stage, screen and television. He earned great acclaim for his uncanny portrayal of Jack Benny, whom he portrayed in his stage show, Jack Benny: Laughter in Bloom.  Eddie and his wife, Carolyn, were great friends of the Disneyana Fan Club (NFFC). Eddie passed away in April, 2010.





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