Season Two
Elementary 2x09 001
Season Premiere September 26th, 2013
Season Finale May 15th, 2014
Episode Count 24
Cast Jonny Lee Miller; Lucy Liu; Jon Michael Hill; Aidan Quinn

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Season Two of the crime drama series Elementary aired on CBS from September 26th, 2013 to May 15th, 2014, spanning a total of twenty-four episodes. Series regulars Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill and Aidan Quinn all returned to the show reprising their respective roles as Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Marcus Bell and Captain Thomas Gregson.

Drawing from classic Holmsian literature, season two brought in the character of Mycroft Holmes, the older brother to Sherlock Holmes, who was played by actor Rhys Ifans. Presented as both a protagonist and an antagonist, Mycroft appeared in seven episodes from the season, forever getting under his younger brother's skin, while also garnering the attention of Joan Watson.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Step Nine September 26th, 2013
2x2 Solve for X October 3rd, 2013
2x3 We Are Everyone October 10th, 2013
2x4 Poison Pen October 17th, 2013
2x5 Ancient History October 24th, 2013
2x6 An Unnatural Agreement October 31st, 2013
2x7 The Marchioness November 7th, 2013
2x8 Blood is Thicker November 14th, 2013
2x9 On the Line November 21st, 2013
2x10 Tremors December 5th, 2013
2x11 Internal Audit December 12th, 2013
2x12 The Diabolical Kind January 2nd, 2014
2x13 All in the Family January 9th, 2014
2x14 Dead Claude Walking January 30th, 2014
2x15 Corpse de Ballet February 6th, 2014
2x16 The One Percent Solution February 27th, 2014
2x17 Ears to You March 6th, 2014
2x18 The Hound of the Cancer Cells March 13th, 2014
2x19 The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville April 3rd, 2014
2x20 No Lack of Void April 10th, 2014
2x21 The Man with the Twisted Lip April 24th, 2014
2x22 Paint It Black May 1st, 2014
2x23 Art in the Blood May 8th, 2014
2x24 The Grand Experiment May 15th, 2014

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu Joan Watson
Jon Michael Hill Detective Marcus Bell
Aidan Quinn Captain Thomas Gregson

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Rhys Ifans Mycroft Holmes
Chris Bauer Detective Gerry Coventry

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