Season Three
Elementary 3x12 002
Season Premiere October 30th, 2014
Season Finale May 14th, 2015
Episode Count 24
Cast Jonny Lee Miller; Lucy Liu; Jon Michael Hill; Aidan Quinn
Notable Episodes "The One That Got Away"

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Season Three of the crime drama series Elementary aired on CBS for a total of twenty-four episodes beginning on October 30th, 2014. Series regulars Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill and Aidan Quinn all returned to the show reprising their respective roles as Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Marcus Bell and Captain Thomas Gregson. Actress Ophelia Lovibond joined the cast this season in a supporting role playing Sherlock's new protégé, Kitty Winter.

This season diverges from the traditional formula used in previous seasons. Joan Watson has moved out of the brownstone and has started up her own private investigation agency. Sherlock joins MI-6 and relocates to London, England where he meets amateur investigator Kitty Winter. Getting fired from MI-6, Holmes returns to the United States with Kitty as his new apprentice. Bad blood between Joan and he continues to foment, but it isn't long before she finds herself aiding him on strange criminal cases once again.

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Actor Role
Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu Joan Watson
Jon Michael Hill Detective Marcus Bell
Aidan Quinn Captain Thomas Gregson

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Actor Role
Ophelia Lovibond Kitty Winter
Stuart Townsend Del Gruner

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  • "The One That Got Away" - Kitty gets revenge upon the man who raped, tortured and maimed her. Includes flashbacks to when Sherlock and she first met.

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