Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Eric.

Big Bang Theory Edit

Big Bang Theory 2x02 002

Eric is a fictional minor character featured on the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory. Played by actor Travis Schuldt, he appeared in the second episode of season two, "The Codpiece Topology". Eric went on a date with Penny, but Penny did not really have a whole lot of interest in him. Truthfully, she was more interested in Leonard Hofstadter, whom she had only dated once before. When Penny found that Leonard was hooking up with a fellow scientist named Leslie Winkle, Penny grew jealous. She made a public spectacle of kissing Eric in order to make Leonard jealous - an act that he returned in kind with Leslie. Once the task was accomplished, Penny dismissed Eric.

Terminator Edit

Terminator 2x11 005

Eric is a fictional paraplegic featured in the FOX Network television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Played by actor Billy Lush, he appeared in the 11th episode of season two, "Self Made Man".

The Walking Dead Edit

Eric was a homosexual man in his mid-twenties from Alexandria, Virginia. Along with his lover, Aaron, he was a member of the community known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Eric had broken his ankle, but several members of Rick Grimes' group found him and Maggie Greene fashioned a splint for him. Eric was reunited with Aaron, who returned to a temporary haven inside of an abandoned building, along with several other members of Rick's group, including Rick himself.

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