Ethan Chandler
Penny Dreadful 1x01 006
Ethan Chandler
Series: Penny Dreadful
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Cowboy
Location: Westminster, London, England
Status: Deceased by virtue of time era
First: "Night Work"
Actor: Josh Hartnett

Ethan Chandler is a fictional gunslinger as well as one of the main characters featured in the Showtime television series Penny Dreadful. Played by actor Josh Hartnett, he was introduced in the pilot episode of the series, "Night Work".

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Ethan Chandler was a gunslinger who turned his talents towards the entertainment industry by starring in Colonel Brewster's Wild West Show and Emporium of American Curiosities. Her performed during a tour in London, England which is where Vanessa Ives first caught sight of him and recruited his talents for some night work. Ethan accompanied Vanessa and Sir Malcolm Murray to an opium den where they fought up against a horde of vampires. The following evening, Vanessa explained to him about the demimonde - a place where the real world meets the spirit world, and invited him to continue working with them. She had him pick a card from her tarot deck and he picked The Lovers.

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  • The character of Ethan Chandler was created by writer and series showrunner John Logan and director J.A. Bayona.
  • Ethan Chandler is the second main character introduced on the series. He is the first main male character introduced in the series.

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  • Six-shooter: Ethan brandishes a six-shooter at his wild west show and also uses it to fight off vampires. He is a masterful sharpshooter and openly brags to Brona Croft about being able to shoot the ace out of a playing card at 50 paces.

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