Ethan Miller
Smallville 1x04 009
Ethan Miller
Aliases: Sheriff Ethan Miller
Series: Smallville
Gender: Male
Notability: Recurring character
Occupation: Law enforcement
Location: Smallville, Kansas
Status: Alive
First: "X-Ray"
Actor: Mitch Kosterman

Ethan Miller is a fictional law-enforcement officer and a recurring character featured on the superhero teen drama series Smallville. He was played by actor Mitch Kosterman and was introduced in the fourth episode of season one, "X-Ray". He made fourteen appearances in the series in total.

Biography Edit

Ethan Miller was a man in his apparent forties who lived in Smallville, Kansas and operated as the town's sheriff. Ethan and a deputy received an anoynmous tip leading them to suspect that high school student Tina Greer may have been involved in a robbery at the Smallville Savings and Loan - a crime that was believed to have been perpetuated by Lex Luthor. In truth, Tina Greer was a shape-shifter who took on Lex's form to rob the bank.

Sheriff Miller and the deputy visited the antique shop run by Tina's mother, Rose Greer. Tina assumed her mother's shape and deflected their questions by telling them that she would have Tina come down to the station to cooperate with them. [1]

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  1. Smallville: X-Ray
  2. Smallville: Hourglass
  3. Smallville: Jitters
  4. Smallville: Rogue
  5. Smallville: Leech
  6. Smallville: Zero
  7. Smallville: Obscura
  8. Smallville: Vortex
  9. Smallville: Heat
  10. Smallville: Nocture
  11. Smallville: Lineage
  12. Smallville: Ryan
  13. Smallville: Skinwalker
  14. Smallville: Suspect

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