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Series: Wonder Woman
Gender: Female
Race: Amazon
Location: Paradise Island
Relatives: Diana [1]
Hippolyta [2]
Status: Alive
First: "The Return of Wonder Woman"
Actor: Dorrie Thomson

Evadne is a fictional Amazon and a minor character featured in season two of the CBS television series Wonder Woman. Played by actress Dorrie Thomson, she appeared in the premiere episode of the season, "The Return of Wonder Woman".

Biography Edit

Evadne was one of the Amazons that lived on Paradise Island. She was a cousin of Diana, who once journeyed to the United States during the 1940s to adventure as Wonder Woman.

In 1977, Evadne and Diana were traipsing through the jungle when they spied an American jet coming in for a crash landing. Diana instructed Evadne to return to the temple to prepare the hospice for emergency services, while Diana tried to save whoever she could from the crash.

Later, Diana recommended returning to the United States to resume her guise as Wonder Woman. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, was not pleased about this, and decreed that she would only agree should Diana succeed in the trial of Bullets and Bracelets. Evadne also volunteered to participate in the contest. Should she have won, she would have taken on the role and vestments of Wonder Woman in Diana's stead. However, during the Bullets and Bracelets contest, Evadne failed to deflect one of the bullets and lost the contest to Diana. She took her defeat with grace and was pleased that her cousin had bested her.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Evadne is a character who is unique to the continuity of the Wonder Woman television series and does not have a DC Comics counterpart.
  • Playing Evadne is actress Dorrie Thomson seventh program in her television acting career. It is her ninth television appearance in total.

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  1. Cousin; though it is unclear whether this is to mean she is a blood relation, or whether she is called cousin as an honorific.
  2. Aunt; Same as above, as Hippolyta is Diana's mother.