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An explorer is someone who travels great distances to find stuff that nobody has ever seen before. This could range from exotic locales, to new forms of life, to previously undiscovered passages and trade routes, etc.

On the Showtime television series Penny Dreadful, the character of Sir Malcolm Murray was a famed explorer of the 19th century. Having spent most of his life in Africa, he claimed to have discovered a mountain in the Belgian Congo. It wasn't the largest mountain in the region, by his own accounts, but it wasn't the smallest either. Murray, and other such masters of exploration, were members of an elite gentlemen's society on Pall Mall in England called the Explorer's Club. In September, 1891, Murray tried to impress young Victor Frankenstein with his exploits, but Frankenstein scoffed at the notion of anyone taking any measure of self assurance through the act of planting a flag.

Characters Edit

Character Film/Series
Malcolm Murray Penny Dreadful

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