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A Fairy halfling is someone who is half human and half fairy. Creatures such as this have appeared in television shows such as True Blood. The main character of the series, Sookie Stackhouse, is later revealed to be a Fairy halfling, whose fairy lineage actually stretches back several generations. As such, Sookie was able to tap into the power of the Fae, which included generating intense bolts of concentrated light. Fae halflings also possess telepathy and can perceive the thoughts and impressions of others. This can be more of a curse than a benefit, as the halfling does not necesarily have control over this ability, and may often hear the thoughts of people they would rather not bother with. This particular side effect has plagued Sookie Stackhouse on numerous occasions.

The blood of a Fae is particularly coveted by vampires, as it increases their power and even allows them to endure the effects of the sun for limited periods of time. Even a Fae halfling's blood is particularly sought after, and it even prompted the former Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq to send Bill Compton to Bon Temps to investigate rumors of a waitress with magical blood. Bill Compton, Eric Northman and Lorena Krasiki have all sampled Sookie's blood at some point.

Sookie's brother however, Jason Stackhouse, though hailing from the same bloodline, did not possess Sookie's fairy characteristics. As was explained later, it sometimes skips a generation.

Other Fairy halflings include Niall Brigant, who was a very ancient Fairy, who has existed for thousands of years.

A fairy named Maurella came to the real world where she seduced Andy Bellefleur. She gave birth to Andy's children, who were all quadruplets. Due to being born on Earth rather than the Land of Fairy, these girls matured at a supernaturally accelerated rate. Andy named them Adilyn, Charlaine, Braelyn and Danika. All but Adilyn were ultimately destroyed by Jessica Hamby.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Adilyn Bellefleur True Blood
Braelyn Bellefleur True Blood
Charlaine Bellefleur True Blood
Danika Bellefleur True Blood
Niall Brigant True Blood
Sookie Stackhouse True Blood

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