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Fangs are the sharpened canines found in many animals as well as some supernatural creatures. Werewolves have sharpened fangs, but due to their unique physiology, they are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of their teeth. Many snakes have fangs as well, particularly rattlesnakes. The most prominent species to bear fangs however are of course, vampires. Vampire fangs serve a singular function and that is to pierce the jugular or carotid artery of a human being so that they may then sup of their blood. Post-modern vampire fiction often presents vampire fangs as being retractile so that vampires may interact in common human society without revealing their supernatural lineage. This is shown persistently in the HBO television series True Blood where vampire fangs make a "snapping" sound whenever they project or retract.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The 1974 Art Names film Snakes is also known by the title Fangs.
  • Fangs is also the name of a French horror film directed by Kelly Sandefur and released in 2002.
  • In True Blood, a human who willfully donates blood to a vampire or engages in sexual relations with a vampire is often referred to as "fangbanger". In short, they are vampire groupies.

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