Season Two
Fantastic Four (1994)
Fantastic Four (1994) 2x13 003
Season Premiere September 23rd, 1995
Season Finale February 24th, 1996
Episode Count 13
Cast Beau Weaver; Lori Alan; Quinton Flynn; Chuck McCann

Season Two of the Fantastic Four animated series aired in first run syndication from September 23rd, 1995 to February 24th, 1996, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. Original voice cast members returning to the series include Beau Weaver as Reed Richards, Lori Alan as Susan Richards, and Chuck McCann as the Thing. Actor Brian Austin Green stepped out of the series as Johnny Storm, and was replaced by Quinton Flynn. Episodes of the show were narrated by Marvel Comics godfather, Stan Lee.

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Beau Weaver Mister Fantastic, Reed Richards
Lori Alan Invisible Woman, Susan Richards
Quinton Flynn Human Torch, Johnny Storm
Chuck McCann The Thing, Ben Grimm

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Benny Grant Rick Jones
Bill Smitrovich Daredevil, Matt Murdock
Brad Garrett Hydro-Man, Morris Bench
Charles Howerton Klaw, Ulysses S. Klaw
Clyde Kusatsu Karnak
Edward Albert Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd
Iona Morris Medusa
Jamie Horton Psycho Man
Jess Harnell Impossible Man
John Rhys-Davies Thor
Kathy Ireland Crystal
Kay E. Kuter Ego, the Living Planet
Keith David Black Panther, T'Challa
Leeza Miller McGee Nova, Frankie Raye
Mark Hamill Maximus
Michael Dorn Gorgon
Neil Ross Super-Skrull
Richard Grieco Ghost Rider
Richard McGonagle Franklin Storm
Rocky Carroll Triton
Ron Feinberg Terrax the Destroyer
Ron Perlman The Wizard
Simon Templeton Doctor Doom, Victor von Doom
Tony Jay Galactus

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  • Fantastic Four: Complete Season 2 (UK; Region 2)
  • Fantastic Four: Season 2, Volume 1 (UK; Region 2)
  • Fantastic Four: Season 2, Volume 2 (UK; Region 2)

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