Fish Mooney
Gotham 1x05 006
Fish Mooney
Series: Gotham
Gender: Female
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Crime boss
Location: Gotham City
Status: Status unknown [1]
Died: 2015 [2]
First: "Pilot"
Actor: Jada Pinkett Smith

Fish Mooney is a fictional crime boss and a main character featured on the FOX Network crime drama series Gotham. She was played by actress Jada Pinkett Smith and was introduced in the pilot episode of the series. She was credited all twenty-two episodes from season one of the show, but actually only appeared in nineteen episodes.

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Fish Mooney was a business owner and an underboss of Gotham City crime lord Carmine Falcone. She operated a night club in the Theater District of Gotham, which was also a front for various criminal enterprises. Fish's employees included her loyal lieutenant Butch Gilzean, and her "umbrella boy", Oswald Cobblepot, whom she gave the uncomplimentary nickname of Penguin. Fish was a hard-driven and ambitious woman, who secretly plotted to take Carmine Falcone down and take his place as the ruler of the Gotham mobs.

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  1. Although it is appears that Fish Mooney died after being pushed off the building into the river, no body was recovered at that time. It is possible that Fish may have survived the fall.
  2. Speculative. Assumes that Fish Mooney actually died.