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Fish are little animals with fins that breathe and swim underwater. Okay, some of them are not so little. By and large, fish are rather boring, though some people elect to take them as pets. Fish are considered a profitable food resource in most countries, and just about every nation on the planet Earth has some form of fishing industry. There are many types of fish, ranging from cod to sea bass to minnows to sharks, etc. You get the point. Fish are also quite smelly. In some bizarre instances, some examples of fish have even been known to speak. If you happen to be hanging out near the undersea kingdom of Atlantis in the year 2076, you might catch sight of a talking great-white shark named Jabberjaw. Not only can he speak the Queen's English, but he also plays the drums. That's one multi-talented water-sucker.

Doctor Who Edit

An unknown species of fish is known to exist on the planet Tara. The Fourth Doctor took some well-earned vacation time to go fishing on Tara at a nearby stream. He told his companion, Romana, to keep her distance, as her presence was scaring off all the fish. (DW: The Androids of Tara (Part 1))

Jabberjaw Edit

In the year 2076, there exists an ampbhibious great-white shark named Jabberjaw. In addition to being sentient, he can also speak English and plays the drums for an undersea rock band called The Neptune. Whenever Jabber is not hanging out with his friends, he can usually be found swimming about, helping those in need and serving to quell any underwater emergencies as they arise. (Jabberjaw)

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  • Yeah, okay. I know. "Fishes" is not exactly the correct name. This article is labeled as such so as to distinguish it from Fish, which was an ABC sitcom from the 1970s.

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